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We have decided that it is better to stop updating this website now since all the information which was on it can be found elsewhere and it was becoming extremely difficult to keep it up to date. There is nothing worse than out of date information so the decision has been taken to shut this site down for the time being. Please refer to the Roseland Together website for details of how and where to get help.

Here to help

Cornwall Council website has a wealth of helpful information. Click here to access it.

Roseland Online Website is another source of information. Click here to access.

How You Can Help

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Donations are always warmly welcomed to help fund additional resources during the Covid 19 crisis.

Become a Volunteer

You can get involved today by becoming a Volunteer. Sign up by contacting roselandtogether@gmail.com and you will be joining a network strong enough to impact positive change in the lives of others.

Stay in the Know

Keep up-to-date on the latest information and guidelines about Covid 19 and all sorts of other important matters via our announcements page.


Our Recent Articles

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    Rain has stopped play! this event has now been cancelled completely due to the weather. Thanks to all who put so much time and effort into planning it. At the moment the forecast is not looking good for tomorrow with 96/97% humidity forecast from 1700 hrs !!  It’s looking a little better for Thursday (24/34%)AContinue reading “’tis the season to be Jolly (Careful!)”
  • Here we go again!
    Oh for goodness sakes! More lockdown and just as the nights are drawing in and the weather is getting more unsettled. So here we are, trying to make sure that everyone has the support they need and can find the information that they want as easily as possible. The website is being revamped and weContinue reading “Here we go again!”
  • And now?
    Written by a resident of the village who wishes to remain anonymous. So, lockdown is easing and the visitors are on their way. Maybe I am over reacting but there is one sort of visitor the arrival of whom I am really worried about. My WhatsApp and Messenger are full of it. Call me aContinue reading “And now?”

Do you need our assistance?

For any help or advice about issues to do with the current Corona Virus pandemic call 07936 448 504

For any other matters relating to Saint Mawes please press the button below