Difficult times!

Last Wednesday, there was a gathering outside the Memorial Hall in St Mawes. Those present kept their distance. They were there because there is a worry about how the parish of St Just in Roseland should respond to the Covid 19 crisis. Concerns were raised: How would people shop once they were self isolating? How could our businesses survive being closed for so long? Did people understand the gravity of the situation?

The upshot of this gathering was a request from the Roseland Surgeries Patient Group to create a St Mawes Hub. So here we are: a bunch of well meaning people with a raft of different skills and from many of the different communities within our parish trying to get this right.

Our priority is to help the vulnerable people in our community who are isolated and don’t know how to get their food shopping done. Once we have a system in place to cover that, we plan to move onto other things such as how to help the shops who sell non essentials to stay in business and what we can all do to stay happy and healthy.

Our website is new and will develop gradually. Our intention is to help, not interfere, by offering alternative ways of doing things. We know we will make mistakes and would appreciate it if people nudge us gently when we do.

We need a lot of help – including people who can work from self isolation – so if you think you might be able to support us, please contact us: https://maweshubrspg.com/contact/

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