Clapping For Our Carers

Millions of people across the UK stood in their doorways last Thursday night at 8pm.

Millions of people will clap in their doorways again at 8pm this Thursday.

Even the Royals got involved.

The Dutch yoga teacher who started the campaign to applaud NHS workers has called for the clapping to happen every week throughout the coronavirus crisis.

To be honest, last Thursday I forgot!

We, as a family, were eating supper and had the doors closed (the clocks hadn’t gone forward then, and it was still chilly outside) and we didn’t hear anything.

This coming Thursday we will not forget. Our NHS need our support

now more than ever.

Who knows when we might now need the services of the doctors and nurses to help keep us and our loved ones alive?

I would like to encourage every one of you in the Roseland to join me and my family this coming Thursday evening at 8pm.

Stand in your doorways and simply make as much noise as you possibly can!

I know of one household who opened their front door blasting out You’ll Never Walk Alone on their speakers.

We in the Roseland are in this together. Stay well.

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