A Message from Our Neighbourhood Police Team

Firstly, let me introduce myself to all.

I am PCSO Jenny Adams of Devon and Cornwall Police and have been working from Tregony Police office since the beginning of Feb this year. I have been in service for 17 years and this is by far the most beautiful beat area that I have worked in. I feel very privileged to be here and have already met some wonderful people.

I work alongside PC James Hosking who has been covering the area for about 2 years. We cover almost the whole of the Roseland and also Probus, Trispen, St Erme areas and anywhere in between!

For most of you, I know this is a very difficult and concerning time. It may all seem slightly surreal, although as time goes on we all seem to be  adjusting to this new way of life for the time being.

We are undertaking patrols as much as we can and have been visiting all the local beauty spots, as there were reports of multiple vehicles parked up on verges etc several weeks ago and hordes of people walking the footpaths.  

This now appears to have stopped and we can say that most people seem to be following the guidelines. Even during the Easter weekend with glorious weather the beaches were generally deserted save for the odd dog walker.

We have been visiting all villages and popping in to businesses where we can. I have had some good chats with Sheila in the Pharmacy, (who I used to play hockey with several…. Or rather MANY years ago!) and with Chris at the Harbour Office to name but a few.

Most people that I have chatted to say that all is well in St Mawes, although I know that others have had concerns.

Can I just clarify some advice that I know has caused a bit of confusion: You ARE permitted to drive to a place to take exercise, ( run, walk etc) the recommended maximum travel journey is 20 minutes.

If you want to drive your car to an area outside St Mawes, you can, although guidelines state that where possible you should exercise from home.  For example: I  personally take my dog for a good walk for my daily exercise and usually walk to the local woods, but occasionally I drive the 5 minutes to a different walk.

This is OK to do but it would be wrong for me to drive to the other coast for a change of scenery. We have had to advise very few people and as yet we have not issued any fines, as not deemed necessary. In fact most areas and car parks seem to be very empty.

For those that like numbers over 4000 beauty spots were visited by Devon and Cornwall officers over the long Easter weekend. 5,500 vehicles and people were stopped and spoken to. 169 enforcement notices were issued.

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