Homity Pie and VE Day

Homity Pie is a traditional open-topped pie said to of first been made by the Land-Girls during WW2. It supposedly originated in the West-Country possibly Cornwall but more likely Devon.

Although the origins of the name Homity are unknown, it is believed to be a reference to the Home-Guard. As there are no historical records verifying why the name was chosen perhaps it was just simply made-up.

We do know the success of this dish came from it being a popular choice on the Cranks restaurant menu – known to be the first chain of vegetarian restaurants and are largely responsible for the increase in vegetarianism in the 60’s.

The original recipe is a wholemeal pie case containing a filling of potatoes, onions and leeks covered with cheese. However, the menu is not cast in stone, and any vegetables available during this difficult time were often added, especially with the ongoing rationing of certain foods.

For our commemorative Homity Pie this Friday we shall also being adding some local chicken and spinach to make this a truly special St Mawes Homity Pie!

To further celebrate this special anniversary, we are honoured to offer a homity pie and bottle of local cider to anyone who was living in St Mawes or St Just on this famous day in 1945.

Jon Scorse

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